The Inner Star oracle deck arrived today from Australia.

I shuffled it.
My first query: What introductory thing do you want to say about yourself?
The Inner Star offered: Unfolding Lesson.

What more could be asked?

A card that turned out to be Projecting Oneself jumped out during the shuffling.

Then I posed a query for myself: I want not a comment but an insight, please, or actually something that will lead me to insight.
The Inner Star offered: Stay the Course.

At first I thought that was more a piece of advice, and pretty obvious, something I tell myself often. It was supportive, but a path to insight was not in sight.

So if I want to build a relationship of trust with this new deck, I should walk around and see that “advice” from a variety of angles and see if insight comes forward. What follows is the “wander” and it will not be totally clear to someone else, but I want to record it and share it nevertheless.

with confidence   (confidence in my ability to choose a good course to stay on, as well as confidence in a deck of cards)
— how is that different now? —

waiting (with an attitude of confidence)
to be offered
what some other entity (person or deity)
thinks is best for me

What is the source, the ground, of confidence?

Feels weird, risky, over the line, out of bounds, against the rules
to declare (thinking of Walt Whitman)
I want
— not even the less blunt I would like

B i g  S h i f t
not to selfishness
but to self
and holding
the ground
that comes with being me
with existence of me

a beautiful, pulsing, non-aggressive
c  o  n  f  i  d  e  n   c  e

fully present, filling space
accepting all that fills the space that is “mine”

and this for all beings
enough for all

What I grasp                    is not taken from another
Each of us
ace of cups     is an Ace of Cups

and the flow of water never dries up
nor do the yods

inner star
For me, this is insight. Thank you, Inner Star oracle.


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